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Singing Kites

Singing Kites was established to help a rural Cambodian community 50 kms south of Phnom Penh, build a strong foundation to change lives and help alleviate poverty through education, improved health services and sustainable community development projects. It is a small, effective organisation fully operated by volunteers. All administrative and marketing costs are personally funded by two of its Directors which means that 100% of all other donations are used entirely to support its projects!

Katherine has helped with the design of Singing Kites from early in its foundation – initially through Entegy where she was employed, Katherine continues to donate her time and design knowledge to help this amazing charity. 

Over the years Katherine has refreshed the logo (including creating variations to be suitable across different media), designed stationery and a general brochure, formatted annual newsletters, redesigned the website, as well as designed flyers for fundraising functions. 

Katherine also visited the school in 2014 and helped teach english and helped with art projects. She was impressed by a country that despite being decimated by war that only ended in 1981, has happy communities that are rebuilding and growing with support from the world.

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