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Queensland Community Development Conference

This state-wide Queensland conference is the main vehicle through which Community Development practitioners and community members can come together for professional development, share stories of best practice and support each other in their community development and positive change efforts.

I designed the QCDC logo to be formal yet fun. The lines making up the shape of Queensland express the pathways and voices of these people. The design allows for flexibility for future events by the symbol has being able to be filled with new colours, suited for different future conference locations. For the 2019 Toowoomba Conference, warm oranges and pinks were used, symbolic of the beautiful old buildings and gardens.

The logo was supported by imagery being placed inside the symbol to create a feel for the spread of sectors of Community Development. This design theme was then rolled out for designs for—Call for abstracts & general flyers (A4 2-pages), sponsorship prospectus (A4 8-pages), conference program (A4 24-pages), signage (multiple-sizes), name badges, dinner menu and lucky door tickets and post-conference certificates.

Imagery used was from Shutterstock and Unsplash by the artists Matteo Vistocco, Adria Crehuet Cano, Stefano Intintoli, Sharon Mccutcheon and Viktor Juric.

Designs also required the creation of ‘word map’ of potential attendees, venue maps, table structure and formatting of program, colour guides for room signage and reference back to program.

The conference delegates feedback was that the designs made them feel very important and welcomed. I attended the event and was pleased to see the designs successfully implemented by the event team on PowerPoints and extra signage at the dinner—this to me indicates a successful brand when it can be picked up and used easily and correctly by other suppliers. It was a real privilege to work with the wonderful Toowoomba Regional Council staff on this event, they had a small budget, but used it very effectively to deliver a stunning event!

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