Graphic Design Services


Print Design

With over 15 years experience in print design, no matter what you need, Katherine will take your content and images and deliver beautiful results that communicate effectively.


Event Design

If you need a prospectus, handbook, adverts and signage for your event, Katherine has the experience to deliver the result you need.


Design for Entegy event technology

Katherine May is Brisbane’s best and most experienced Ignite Design Partner –seamlessly delivering design that smoothly incorporates your brand and style into the Entegy event technology (a fully integrated app platform that delivers information for delegates, exhibitors, presenters and planners, Her knowledge will save you time and resources, so you can focus on accomplishing more for your event.



Crafting a brand through consultation with you to get the result you desire. Katherine has worked with companies and event managers to develop brands from small to national companies. 


Website UI design

Get the look that you want for your website by working with Katherine on your website UI design to present to a web-developer.


Client Illustration

Katherine’s illustration skills can help you achieve that idea you’ve always wanted to grow.