Client Illustration

What is client or business illustration? 

Most people picture children’s books or characters when they think ‘illustration’ but custom illustration can also be used in infographics, diagrams and unique graphics to go with messages for your business. 

Think about your retention rate when you look at a website with unique imagery on it—it holds your attention. When you’re scrolling through Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn and you come across something different to the usual photography, it makes you pause and take a look. This ‘pause’ can mean a connection or conversion for your business!

Emotional response

Illustrations and characters can have the benefit of creating a strong emotional response in your audience. When an emotional connection with your audience is achieved, any marketing strategy will be much more successful.

Even if you have the vaguest of ideas about a look you want to create for your business, Katherine has the skills to turn a “vibe” into a visual signature your clients won’t forget!

Preview client illustrations completed by Katherine below: